Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Up at midnight

So its past midnight and I cannot sleep (not unusual) and to add I'm on a diet so
I'm trying everything not to walk into the kitchen LOL. Anyways while I'm up I mind as well share <3
Lately I've been kinda (super) stressed, although I shouldn't be, about starting my online store. I will not be designing any of the items although I would love to, but I will be the store's buyer and everything else until it is big enough for employees haha (wishful thinking). To say the least I am excited and anxious. I have previously opened a online store with just my jewelry but I wasn't as ready as I should've been.. so it didn't last, but hey.. Never give up your dreams right?!
One of the dresses that will be available on Andrati (thats the name)
the shoot will be in a few weeks so Im excited for that. :)

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