Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Le First Day Of Spring

Sooo happy the weather is going to start changing :) Today I wanted to share some of the looks that I want to wear for spring...
I don't know about you guys but I'm still not over the Jil Sander Spring2011RTW collection. This was the collection that I guess you could say won my heart only because I felt that it was a representation of my personal style.. even tho I'm still figuring mines out. I mean whats better than a MAXI with a TEE perrrrfect!
Its just this type of casual but still unusual thing. I'm the girl that thinks a 
button up with jeans on a girl is perfect. Living in the DMV (DC) girls play off of this look alot. I love how girls from DC have this dress up but still casual feel almost like Cali but different. ;)

I put together some looks I would totally wear.. 

Me and my bestfriend always talk about how we love button ups! lol

And here are some other spring/summer things I put together..


Thank You sooooo Much ;)